About Us

Wight Vipers is an Isle of Wight based company dedicated to dispelling the myths surrounding these much maligned animals in a fun, informative, relaxed way.
We have a zoological background having worked in several major UK, Irish and Australian zoos and have kept and bred reptiles and amphibians for over a decade, including dartfrogs, treefrogs, woma pythons, hognose snakes and panther chameleons to name but a few. We have, in the past kept and bred a few species of venomous snake and although we no longer keep these species, we named our comapny after one of our favourites, the White Lipped Viper!

Reptiles have an undeserved reputation and we aim to bring a few of our hand-tame animals to you to allow yourself, children, friends to come up close and personal with some of these amazing animals!

We are fully insured for public liability just in case someone is swallowed by a giant snake, although this has never happened as yet!

Wight Vipers

We also provide equipment, decorated vivaria and our own, home bred frogs and newts to fellow hobbyists and enthusiasts. Check out our website www.dendromate.co.uk for details!